2014. május 17., szombat


Dear Colleagues,

SHERA's board is pleased to announce that we are now able to sponsor memberships for up to 20 students and unaffiliated scholars (such as retired scholars) from Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Russia.

If you are a student or unaffiliated scholar from Eastern Europe, Eurasia, or Russia who would like to join SHERA, just go to our website http://www.shera-art.org/ to click on "Join SHERA" and scroll down to the line that says Sponsored Member.

Sponsored memberships were established thanks to a generous initiative from a SHERA member that has been matched by funds from SHERA. The decision to establish sponsored memberships was made at the business meeting held at CAA in February 2014 in Chicago. Following that meeting, the officers arranged how to administer the memberships and had the new level of membership added to the website. 

Please forward this message to any qualified student or unaffiliated scholar who might be interested. We look forward to expanding our membership even further! 

SHERA's officers

Society of Historians of East European, Eurasian, and Russian Art and Architecture
Margaret Samu, President
Natasha Kurchanova, Vice-President/President-Elect
Yelena Kalinsky, Secretary-Treasurer

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